Begin Here

Grab a cup of tea or a cozy blanket and check in with your body in this moment.

Are you holding tension in the neck and shoulders, abdomen, or chest when you think about how to eat perfectly?

Do you still have that cozy blanket and tea? Then read on and consider some of these common questions about food and weight.

Click each question to read the reframe and look for the potential hidden gifts.

Do you trust you can maintain a healthy weight?

The bigger gift of healing this question is an assured sense of trust that you will act in your best interest in all areas of life. By learning to trust ourselves with food we also learn to trust the boundaries we set with other people and in all aspects of our lives.

Are you waiting to live your dream life after you lose weight?

Give yourself permission to fill your life with joy at any weight. Notice your dreams. Question your dreams. Let go any dreams that you no longer wish for and hold tight to the dreams that feel authentic. At any weight we can find small ways to move toward our dreams. Often living a life of joy will be a powerful weight changing agent. The gift of this question is once we live a life more aligned with our dreams, the weight we carry may fade away or become unimportant.

How kind are you to yourself?

Take the current amount of kindness you give yourself and multiply by a million. This isn't scrapping the surface of the kindness and love we each need. Eating can be a way we take care of ourselves when we don't allow ourselves to take care in other ways. Most of us do not allow ourselves to take care of ourselves deeply -- to rest when we need rest, to tell the truth when there is truth to tell, to love fully. The gift here is to learn to nourish ourselves completely with food and in ways other than food.

Do you honor the many weight loss paths you have followed?

You have tremendous knowledge of what does not work for you. Honor each attempt. Was each diet or exercise program based on deep self-kindness or deep self-loathing? The gift here is to find your path and the willingness to try a different way.

Do you honor your strength?

Every woman that struggles with food is strong. Struggle with food is often a sign we are actually trying to be too strong and relying on food to keep going. The gift of healing here is the opportunity to set limits, ask for help and surrender to the flow of life.


Do you wear clothing that makes your feel cozy, glamorous, lovely, and the best version of you?

How do you want to feel today? Dress for how you wish to feel. That is enough. The gift here is the permission to dress in clothing that feels soft, cozy, glamorous, flowing, graceful, lovely, or any other best version of you. We can, but we don't have to pick our clothing to disguise certain parts of our body.